The majority of domestic stained glass in the UK are of Victorian or Edwardian age, some over 100 years old. Encapsulating stained glass in sealed double-glazed units is a technique to preserve and protect.

Windowfix can restore any type of original leaded lights, stained glass windows and decorative windows back to good as new. The process is straight-forward and hassle free

  • Restoration of leaded lights & stained glass
  • Encapsulated in sealed double glazing
  • Improved insulation
  • Good as new

We will carefully remove your existing windows and fit with temporary clear glass. The windows are then taken away to our workshop where the glass is removed from the frames and cleaned and restored back to their former appearance. The restored glass is then encapsulated in a double-glazed unit with the original features placed between two pieces of glass, effectively triple glazing the sealed unit. Our team then remove the temporary glass and install your stunning, new encapsulated units.

Incorporation with…

Beautiful Glass By Design


Please be advised that because it is a handmade product we reserve our right to match as best we can any broken original glass pieces. Any broken parts will be chargeable at £10 plus VAT per piece.

Whilst we make every effort to show you a suitable replacement, we reserve our right to exercise a certain amount of artistic license. Resizing, in some instances may result in additional lead borders, again artistic license will be allowed.

In some instances we reserve our right to insert lead bracing, this is where the glass is not available and additional lead will be required.

Once units are sealed, because of the continued disintegration of the lead overtime, there maybe a small amount of cement dust accumulating at the bottom of the unit.

Lead polishing/blacking is a standard procedure but because of its historic weathering it may not be uniform. We will not use any form of coated glass. Units are not subject to Fensa/Certass due to their unique composition.

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